You will participate in joyful Holi, Festival of Colours, in Jaipur, Rajastan. Rejoice in the beginning of Spring, a season of rebirth and vivid colours, with festive food and family celebrations. Holi brings thousands of people out onto the streets in a flurry of bright hues as festival goers toss colourful water and powders at each other.
Relish the regional cuisines, experience a bygone heritage, bazaars, villages and a wildlife sanctuary.

  • Old Delhi street-life walking tour
  • Experience the famous bazaars of Agra and artisans workshops
  • HOLI celebrations in Jaipur, with drums and dancers, music and colour
  • Drive a hard bargain. Jaipur shopping for semi precious stones, handicrafts, block print fabric, tye and dye Bandhni, bangles and jewellery
  • Jodhpur Village safari and the arresting landscape at a wild life sanctuary
  • Exceptional regional cuisine and cooking demos

Shammi says...

"Be prepared for some real adventures!"



    “Another “expect the unexpected” experience! Incredible days of passion and wonderment. So appreciated. Unforgettable. Namaste. So many vibrant memories – food for the soul. You are amazing Shammi, we are family. Thankyou.”

    - Jo Patterson

    “We have so enjoyed all the “unexpected!“ Thank you and so grateful for the care you have given us. You are a remarkable woman; truly from your wide open heart, you give so much.”

    - Linda McDougall

    “Shammi, you are amazing, thanks so much for such a well organised experience. I can’t believe I’ve had so many experiences in 3 weeks. I have loved every moment and WOW what culinary delights! You organised fantastic guides who were passionate about their culture. So engaging and entertaining. Trip of a life time for me.”

    - Laurie McIntyre

    “Shammi, well done for another exceptional trip. I very much appreciate all of your research and efforts that allow me just to sign my name and walk to the plane. It has been a pleasure to travel with team happiness. Congratulations, well done.”

    - Chris Reeve

    “Shammi’s boundless energy, enthusiasm, charm and passion created a tour that was impeccably planned, varied and wonderfully intriguing.”

    - Coral and Stuart Brander

    “Shammi’s in charge. Wonderful trip, fascinating with unexpected gems! Thought challenging.”

    - Sue and Brian Farley

    “Thanks for the experience, the memories, the fun and friendship. Thank you for all the happy surprises in your India.”

    - Ele and Grant Ludemann

    ” Thank you for another ‘mind blasting’ travel experience. Every experience exceeded. Yeah, you did it again Shammi. Even more steps and stretches….of everything – especially the imagination. How does this all work – days end – accommodation OMG. Sanctuaries always beyond expectation. Love you.”

    - Gloria and Ian Hurst

    “There are no words that can describe the journey you gave us as our entry into India. Thank you, we learnt so much and there is still so much to know. Hope for many more adventures together.”

    - Mandy and Terry Pratley

    Namaste, we will remember you Shammi and our time in India forever.

    - Jo and Nick Patterson